“Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato

Somebody’s Watching You

Robin D’Amato
Atmosphere Press (2021)
ISBN: 9781636495965
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (06/2021)

“Somebody’s Watching You” is a highly engaging, gripping fictional thriller that follows the lives of Melody, a married woman who works as a designer, and her husband Jeff. Jeff falls into depression, something that is difficult for Melody to deal with. She engages a therapist to help her navigate through her new life of living with Jeff. Soon after, Jeff joins a cult-like church that begins indoctrinating him.

 At first, Melody thinks this is a good thing for Jeff, since he seems to be getting better and happier. Gradually, Melody realizes that the cult is a dangerous operation set on recruiting more people and keen on harming those that try to get in their way. Her marriage and Jeff’s life at stake, Melody is forced to join the church and uncover their activities from within.

“Somebody’s Watching You” is a contemporary story that is both relevant and well written. Even with scenes changing, perspectives switching and characters developing, it was easy to keep up with what was happening with all the characters. The major themes were resilience and triumph which were masterfully spelled out to make the plot memorable. Author D’Amato does a remarkable job in immersing the readers into a plausible story to the extent they feel they are part of the story.

The author does a commendable job describing the emotions that Melody, the main character, goes through. It was easy to feel her confusion, fear, and determination. It was equally endearing to see the extent Melody was willing to go to save her marriage and her husband. My favorite part of the book was the realness of the storyline, which made it easy to connect and learn from.

The writing is strong, and the author uses it to lure the readers into the psyche of the protagonist. Backstories and present events are interwoven in a captivating manner. The pace of the story is a bit slow, but I understood this feature as it gave me ample time to connect with the characters and to become more in tune with Jeff and Melody’s situation.

I heartily give this ” Somebody’s Watching You” 5 stars as the book is professionally edited, insightful, and beautifully written. This book will certainly tick all the boxes for lovers of psychological thrillers.

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