“Healthcare Heroes” by Mary Choy, Michele B. Kaufman

Healthcare Heroes

Mary Choy, Michele B. Kaufman
Sigel Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781905941315
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/21)

“Healthcare Heroes: The Medical Careers Guide,” covers information about 28 different careers in the medical profession. These positions require education ranging from certifications to doctoral degrees. Each career is featured in its own chapter with contributions made by an expert in that field. These experts provide a helpful overview about what it is like to work in that profession. This would be beneficial in helping readers decide if the job sounds like something that they could see themselves doing. Information is also presented about the career, this includes education, required licensing, and income. There is also further information regarding the career outlook, similar careers, and links to resources for more information.

As a college adviser who does a lot of career counseling, I was pleased to find “Healthcare Heroes.” I have a lot of students who come in knowing that they want to work in some aspect of healthcare but are unsure of just what area. Having this book will help me quickly guide them to information about their career choice. If my community college doesn’t have the specific coursework required to accomplish that goal, I can at least help get them started and then provide them with further resources about where they need to go. The career outlook information is valuable in that it will enable the student to choose a career path that appears to have growth.

“Healthcare Heroes,” is written in a user friendly manner which will allow it to be used by students who are beginning their career search as early as those in the 6th grade. The younger students will appreciate how user friendly it is. It can also be used by college students, and career counseling agencies that work with individuals of all ages. There is no limit to the people that this book will help.

As a community college adviser, I know that I will be using it daily to help guide my students toward the right path. I will combine it with a resource that shows them which California Community Colleges have the program that they need, if mine does not. I am so excited about having access to this information! Highly recommended!

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