“Red, White & Blue: Life of a Warrior” by Michael Dean Moomey

Red, White & Blue: Life of a Warrior

Michael Dean Moomey
Archway (2020)
ISBN: 9781480892989
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (06/03)

When it comes to a great many books, the reader knows what to expect. When a book is marked as ‘thriller’ or ‘horror’ or ‘romance’ there is always a given that fans will be provided with a plot that meets industry standards. Such as, when it comes to romance, there must be that great love that stands apart from all others; whereas, when speaking about a thriller, readers expect that surprise ending that sets it apart from the rest. When it comes to “Red, White & Blue: Life of a Warrior” by Michael Dean Moomey, however, I not only received a whole lot of action; I was given wit, charm, and heart-wrenching moments all in one package. It basically stands apart because it’s a story that will resonate long after it’s over.

We first meet Jake Lewis when he’s just a boy. At the age of nine, he is being beaten by his father (and this is written so well that I actually cried for this young man). However, when he turns the age of seventeen, Jake is one soul that does not give up on life because of a tragic past, he instead joins the U.S. Navy where heroes are born.

After working his butt off in boot camp, Jake ends up experiencing all that the Far East has to offer while he serves on the USS Henry W. Tucker. A time of enjoyment and fun is found in Asia, and Jake is able to take away countless memories of female companionship. However, as time moves forward, he finds himself in Navy Special Warfare Training at Coronado Naval Base; he becomes one of 28 who are sent to South Vietnam during the most troubling of times and ends up being assigned to the CIA when the fighting ends.

The title of this story truly fits. Based on real events, this tale takes readers from the darkest and most evil locations to some of the most beautiful spots imaginable. Seeing Jake and standing by his side as he does all of these things, including serving 25 years as a U.S. Special Agent who, along with other Vietnam vets, is hired to kill some of America’s most violent criminals, is thrilling. There are parts in this book that actually gave me chills; not only because of these dire situations, but because it was… an honor, to say the least, to stand by Jake’s side as this definite “warrior” served and became a hero.

The author, who served in combat and was awarded many medals for his work, deserves accolades for putting this on paper, as well. He perfectly shows the Divine path of God interwoven with adventure, a multitude of life lessons, the fight for freedom, and how much strength and pride can be found in the red, white and blue. I say, “Bravo!” to this incredible tale.

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