“New Jersey Noir: Cape May” by William Baer

New Jersey Noir: Cape May

William Baer
Able Muse Press (2021)
ISBN 9781773490335
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (07/2021)

“New Jersey Noir: Cape May” is the second book in the Jack Colt Murder Mystery Novels by William Baer. In this story, Private Investigator Jack Colt, a well-known private detective in the state of New Jersey, has just solved a highly publicized assassination when his services are called upon once more. The case is unusual in itself but surprisingly it’s connected to another cold case no one is able to solve. In essence, two cases intertwined and both mysterious!

Personally, out of hundreds of books I’ve read, I have never read a novel quite like this! First, it’s definitely a noir novel; meaning dark and mysterious. Secondly, it includes a few first-person accounts from the various characters involved. But the main observations that surprised me is how the book is “blended” with sarcasm, wit, chaos, and danger.

Author William Baer brilliantly mixes all of the human emotions, but expresses them in such a way that it’s unique for a novel. I usually give some hints to the narrative but I would be doing a disservice if I did. It’s the type (rare) of a book that you actually have to read to enjoy.

Cape May by William Baer not only will mesmerize you, but as you are reading you actually feel like the detective. The author even had the where with all to include the dates, time, and temperature of each investigative day to “set” you in the mood. Every moment reading the story enables the reader to set the stage!

Obviously a lot of planning went into this work before the author set pen to paper. And I do mean a “work” because to me it’s more than a book but a wonderful written manuscript that obviously took a great deal of research to write. The layers, the depth, the characters, the intrigue, the references to the local setting-all captivate and draw the reader in. I love books like this; a rarity! 5 stars

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