“The Hidden Saboteur” by Charles Besondy

The Hidden Saboteur

Charles Besondy
Independently Published (2018)
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (6/21)

“The Hidden Saboteur” is the first book in the Christian psychological thriller series by Charles Besondy. In this story, the focus is on Clay and how his past is affecting his current mental and emotional health. Themes of self-doubt, anger, and hostility are present, along with reconciliation and forgiveness interspersed to show that faith and belief in God can help you overcome the toughest of struggles.

The story begins with Clay in a partner position at a marketing firm in Seattle. His firm has been more successful in the past, so Clay has to deal with stress related to budgeting and co-workers harming his subconscious. Situations with difficult coworkers are making past life situations resurface. Clay appears as if he is handling things well to the public, but internally, there is a battle. Clay doesn’t realize what is going on internally, but with help from his fiancé and a bit of help from God, he works toward overcoming his past and the mistakes made.

“The Hidden Saboteur” is relatable; readers will relate to Clay and his interactions with others around him. A similar life difficulty is getting along with certain people, but Besondy shows us through Clay how it can be done successfully, a lesson worth noting for all readers.

Understanding and practicing forgiveness is hard, especially when it doesn’t seem like the individual deserves it, but when we can look past ourselves and use God’s open invitation of help, we will feel much better for it, although we may never forget.

“The Hidden Saboteur” is well-written with plot twists and excitement; it holds its own as an independent book while also being the beginning of a series. “The Hidden Saboteur’s” theme focuses on main characters and problems in the earthly realm, as opposed to the spiritual. Besondy provides clarity of how to live Godly lives in our broken world while giving us the excitement of the psychological thriller genre.

Although the story is lengthy, there is good and useful material in it that is mostly family-friendly regarding relationships and language among the characters. It is hard to take fictional life lessons to heart, but the reader would be wise to search their heart and figure out how to make the appropriate changes from this book. “The Hidden Saboteur” should be on your reading list if you enjoy a good, clean mystery and excitement.

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