“Perish” by L.C. Barlow


L. C. Barlow
California Coldblood Book (2020)
ISBN 9781644281376
Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby for Reader Views (6/2021)

“Perish” is book two in the Jack Harper trilogy by L.C. Barlow, and picks up exactly where “Pivot,” book one, leaves off. Jack Harper has just destroyed the home and father figure she has dealt with during the first 18 years of her life and feels that justice has almost completely been served. There just lies one more enemy… Alex. As Jack travels to New York City, she learns that Cyrus’ cult unit was just one of the many that Infinitum has all over the world. Her idea of justice being served has just changed. She now wants to destroy all of Infinitum and release all the victims. Can she resolve her initial goal of getting rid of Alex and now her overwhelming goal of destroying Infinitum?

“Perish” does not have all of the torture of animals and children like “Pivot” did which many readers will be thankful for. Jack’s character continues to develop like all 18 year olds do. Jack does appear she is much older than 18 and some of the interactions that she has with other characters make you forget that she really is only 18. She even calls someone else out as being (acting) like a child, which I found humorous.

Jack discovers that her superhero-like power has a new advantage for Jack and her missions to take care of Alex and Infinitum. Unfortunately, she discovered the advantage almost at the end of the novel and after she had been in several unneeded fights. The power mixed with an interesting every day item was a different twist that I certainly was not expecting and at first I was wondering how it all ties together, but Barlow ties it up very nicely with a pretty bow on top.

“Perish” fits more into a fantasy genre instead of a horror genre but imagining some of the scenes during the climax, it fits into both genres. I wish that there was more information about how Infinitum came to be, how Cyrus became one of their leaders, and how it was eventually overcome. It felt like Jack’s main mission of dealing with Alex was sidetracked with Infinitum. The conflict with Infinitum felt rushed in order to conclude this part of the trilogy.

Overall, “Perish” was a fun and quick read. I was able to finish it in a couple of days. Lots of action. Lots of interesting twists that are not expected. If you read “Pivot, ” you should continue with the trilogy.

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