“Brain Drops: A Humanistic Approach Toward a Positive Existence,” by Jeannie Tyrrell

Brain Drops: A Humanistic Approach Toward a Positive Existence

Jeannie Tyrrell
Fulton Books (2020)
ISBN: 978-1646544028
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (07/2021)

 “Brain Drops: A Humanistic Approach Toward a Positive Existence,” by Jeannie Tyrrell is an eye-opening, heart-wrenching account. In her book, she speaks of her troubled life and how she used escapism to deal with all aspects of her life. Growing up, life was extremely hard for her. She came from an abusive home and was bullied by schoolmates to the point that one student even caused Ms. Tyrrell a head injury during the bully session. Unfortunately, life had constant roadblocks for her at every corner she turned, right into her adult life.

Still being bullied to different degrees in her adult years, Tyrrell resorted to all forms of escapism to deal with her daily struggles. She even admitted that she wasted just as much time when she was in college as she did high school. Plus, because she could not deal with all her letdowns, she never was able to plant any roots anywhere. There was never one particular place she would call home for any lengthy period. So, friends came and went with each new move. Unfortunately, each new place proved to be no better than the previous location, and each place seemed to dump more baggage atop her already miserable life. Sadly, even though she had siblings, they were of no help to her throughout her life journey.

As Ms. Tyrrell got older though, she finally realized that escapism wasn’t the continued answer, and she had to do something to change things for herself. She eventually started working at trying to heal her painful experiences and worked at trying to heal her injured brain as well, in a positive way. She has started a non-profit organization called The Brain Drops Foundation, helping people work at promoting creativity and mental detoxification. Her group is dedicated to mental wellness, and she provides each member comfortable and enriching experiences to help each individual grow as a more healthy and aware individual.

I must be honest, when I read this book, I found it so sad that Ms. Tyrrell had such a troubled life and could not really trust anyone enough to help her right herself again. Yes, she had mentors and boyfriends, but no one really seemed to help her heal along her journey. Each person had their place in her life, but never one that she could divulge her life journey to that would aid in her starting the healing process. I felt that she just stumbled along through her life with no purpose and no drive to find a purpose that would help her heal on all different levels. My heart wrenched every time I read another thing that set her back, one way or another. I was glad to see that she eventually realized that escapism wasn’t the ongoing answer to all her life issues, and she finally started taking accountability in her actions toward herself and others.

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