“Deeply Rooted Dreams” by Alexander Mukte

Deeply Rooted Dreams

Alexander Mukte
Three to Five Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 9781952030024
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (07/2021)

“Deeply Rooted Dreams” is the second book in the Rewired Series by Alexander Mukte.

I did NOT forget Ori Clayborn. And anyone who read the first in this series, “The Recruiter” certainly has not forgotten him either. The first book was one that kept me, like all who read it, on the edge of their seats as a whole Mario Puzo-type drama with drug cartels and corrupt FBI agents unfurled. That book was also where we met up with Jessica, an investigative reporter who simply sets her focus on any assignment that’s given to her and then with skills and talent unveils the “bad guys” to the world.

Now, in book two, we are starting years later. Jessica is still set on her path to dig up facts and then make sure everyone knows the truth when it comes to the “wrong” out there. Her path has led her directly into the world of Zach Carver. A major part of his life is that he is one of the uber-intelligent minds at Singularity Group. Zach is her source and he is going to help her figure out the past; he has information she needs and Jessica wants nothing more than to get the data as soon as possible.

But, as with the first book, science fiction factors come into play here. Zach and Jessica’s face-to-face meeting goes in a whole new direction leaving Jessica to wake up and discover that she has “lost time.” Her memory is blank; there is a gap that she can’t explain and, worse yet, Zach is now missing. She has no idea what happened, where he would have gone or if he’s in serious trouble, or who, exactly, is responsible for this odd “blackout” of hers. Jessica’s investigative hackles are up and she will not stop until she solves this new mystery. But when Ori Clayborn reappears in Jessica’s universe, she is more surprised than ever.

Malik is a man who is creative, inventive, and has as much determination as Jessica. But his life lies in discovering some kind of cure for a deadly virus that has disrupted the entire world. His life crosses paths with a company called Confidence Biotech, which is the leader in treatment and contact tracing. They are also people who are extremely interested in Malik. Believing that he is their foe, Malik goes on the run from this powerful bunch, wondering all the time whether or not he was on the verge of finding something they actually didn’t want him to find.

I fell in love with “The Recruiter” after about five pages in; I was already set to at least like “Deeply Rooted Dreams,” considering the past. But the author went above and beyond my expectations with this second installment and I can’t thank him enough! Intricate, engaging, the mysterious aspects are cool, the wonderous past “trial” is amazing, and I’m secretly hoping that Mr. Mukte has even more to say!  

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