“Age of the Almek” by Tara A. Lake

Age of the Almek

Tara A. Lake
Lake Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 9781777119416
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (07/01)

“Age of the Almek” by Tara A. Lake not only hits on all cylinders when it comes to great writing, it’s also spot-on when it comes to the very real-life issue we’re all dealing with…man-made pollution that has the power to quite literally destroy the world in which we live.

This author introduces us to the Almeks. This is a strong “group” of people that are dealing with the responsibility of having to cure the now toxic and deadly water supply that humans created. There is only one place on Earth that still offers a pure underground spring, and that is located in the state of Michigan. The Almeks are now, because of Man’s inability to stop polluting Mother Nature, the last breathing beings who work, take care of the land, and somehow manage to survive.

Constantly looking toward a brighter future, this new “civilization” must follow their own regulations, such as to desert this tribe would lead to certain death. Now, there are two communities living near each other, but each group has their own strict rules handed down by two separate leaders. And, yes, as with most all dystopian-esque novels, these rulers that the Almeks must listen to are evil and have created some very horrific laws the Almeks’ must abide by in order to stay upright and breathing. But now, after eighteen years, their pure spring is headed south. And if that dries up completely, then the Almek civilization will join all the others in becoming extinct.

Much like I was thrilled with “The Hunger Games” and “Maze Runner” books, “Age of the Almek” had me from the first page. Excitement occurs around every corner, there is utter danger throughout, and every emotion is presented in a great way. (Best part? This is only the first in a new series that should be highly popular with readers!)

The author is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to her creativity and her ease when it came to writing her main character Vera, and her dealings with Cole. Vera represents one community being a Kalian, and abhors the other community of people referred to as the Tagondians, which Cole is a part of. However, Cole wants to change. He is one among a few who desires to fight against the ruler and change the horrible path they’re going down. The biggest upside to this “couple” is the fact that emotions are there, but it’s not written to be an over-the-top bucket of romance like a long, drawn-out vampire series that we all knew so well. Therefore, congrats goes to this writer for making her own niche that does not mirror anyone else I’ve ever read!

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