“Mother’s Gift” by John W. Cranford

Mother’s Gift

John W. Cranford
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9781792364730
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (07/2021)

John Cranford was motivated to write down the legacy his mother left to him and his siblings. She was a woman of integrity. He begins “Mother’s Gift” with a little background information. The readers learn that his mother, Evelyn, was born and raised in Twiggs County, Georgia. Her small community was where she learned to work hard and live strongly.

Evelyn was a schoolteacher and mother of six. She raised her children alone when her husband became an alcoholic and they separated. Cranford briefly speaks of his father as a man who would show up occasionally and remembers stories about what a good man he was before the drinking problem. He goes on to share his relationship with his siblings and the death of his mother.

The heart of “Mother’s Gift” is the little book that was given to his mother by her mother. This book was filled with devotional passages and scriptures that his mother cherished. She had placed special words in parentheses and stars in the margin. The author is sharing with his readers all the nuggets of wisdom his mother had used to get through each day and each trial.

This devotional is truly special. The author is sharing something very personal with his readers. I enjoyed reading the scripture references in Psalms and some amazing quotes from people like Elizabeth Charles, A.L. Waring, and George Eliot. The words, poetry, and scripture are what the author’s mother used to help her each day, and now he is using these same references.

After I finished reading, I took time to reflect on what the author’s purpose was in writing his story. Why was he giving us his mother’s gift? I think he is sharing his personal story to help give others the ability to stay strong in their own lives. I felt like the words in this book could give hope and inspiration to me and others who read it.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. My rating reflects the greatness of his story but that I wish there had been more notations of quotes or scriptures his mother starred or place parentheses around. I would recommend this book as devotional resource to anyone looking for a more personal experience with humanity and God.  

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