“What is Self Awareness” by Vipin Gupta

What is Self Awareness: Looking Beyond the Law of Attraction

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN  979-8536275627

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07-2021)

“What is Self Awareness: Looking Beyond the Law of Attraction,” is the seventh book in the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature (Project VIPIN) series. The first six books extensively discuss how our conscious decisions help create the law of attraction. They cover the critical factors that are involved with manifesting. The foundation has been laid and this text can now take us on to the next level where we can move on into understanding how to become a multiplier of our potential.

The Project VIPIN series connects modern science to ancient eastern Indian wisdom. This knowledge will allow us to gain a greater understanding of current life challenges and even life in general. In “What is Self Awareness,” Gupta continues to use physical, life and social sciences in his discussions. I love this aspect of his books, because it shows how modern science and ancient wisdom are linked. Having been educated with a modern science background, I felt like I was on more of a solid ground with science in trying to understand the concepts as they are presented. However, as I continue to study, I see where the knowledge from ancient wisdom surpasses the knowledge that we currently have available in modern science. Limitations of the scientific method contribute to this. This created a huge paradigm shift for me. My mind is blown!

Discussions about the COVID-19 pandemic help provide a prime example of a current challenge that we are facing. I found this area to be of great interest. Living at one of the COVID-19 epicenters, during the worst of the pandemic, had a dramatic impact on my reality. I had to work through the negative aspects and focus on how I was positively being affected. I finally had a chance to step back from my social obligations and focus inward. This time to reflect helped me increase my level of self-awareness, especially during the time that I started studying these texts. Gupta reaffirmed my thoughts on this by pointing out that the COVID-19 pandemic caused an acceleration in our shift from “the institutional to the personal correlation with the divine.” Many of the people that I know used their quarantine time to move away from being involved with organized religion, and venture outside, in solitude or small groups, to reconnect with nature. They increased their level of self-awareness by directly connecting with Mother Nature’s conscious reality, and stopped depending on the divinity of an entity from outside ourselves. This is where I can truly see that divine energy impacted our present reality.

My thirst for knowledge is being quenched. I still have much processing to do and look forward to this challenge. I am confident that the knowledge gained in these pages will help me to continue to increase my self-awareness so I can continue to gain a clearer perception of who I am. In doing so, I can better identify my strengths and weaknesses and focus on making the changes that I need and work towards multiplying my potential.

Reviewed by Susan Violante (07/2021)

“What is Self Awareness” by Vipin Gupta is Book 7 of the author’s ‘VIPIN Project’ series. Although each book is a continuation of the conversation presented in the previous book, each book is written as a standalone, and thus the reader does not need the to read the series chronologically. I genuinely enjoyed reading book 7, even though I have always struggled to understand the ‘Law of attraction’ principle and am not sure I understand it better after reading “What is Self Awareness.” However, I did have a few enlightening moments in this topic as I read through.

Vipin explores the principles and relationship of cause and effect with self-awareness in this book. As he does with all books of the series, he includes a summary of previous books before going deeper into his study. I have read most of the previous ones, so this time I tried something different and read the last chapter before beginning to read the book as a whole. I am glad I did this because it helped me grasp the ideas faster than before. In my experience I realized that there is no such thing as coincidence, everything that happens is cause and effect. Every choice and decision we make will originate an universe, a reality in my present.

By reading “What is Self Awareness” I learned that each choice I make will not also affect who I am and what my universe will be after that choice was made. It has also transformed someone else’s universe prior to mine and could affect another person who, in turn, will transform what I created.

I also learned that when I meditate (which I do every day), and I come out with answers to day-to-day issues and dilemmas; I have, in fact, been connecting to a global soul family (known and unknown who by me, have helped me reach the answers I was seeking.

Finally, I did find a better understanding of the Law of Attraction through Vipin’s map to understand the process of creating your desired reality, by understanding that self-awareness is not limited to ourselves as existing souls and biological beings but also as creators.

“What is Self Awareness” by Vipin Gupta is a Five Star enlightening read that will help the audience to understand the meaning of self-awareness and how it relates to our consciousness and our view of our reality and ourselves. A MUST READ!

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