“Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” by H.T. Manogue

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man

H.T. Manogue 
Shortsleeves (2021)
ISBN: 9780977813032
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (08/2021)

As a reader who likes many genres, I have to say “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” by H.T. Manogue was not one that could be “classified;” reason being, every page is filled with a wealth of surprises. Yes, the tales, phrases, stanzas—all are filled with emotion, but they also delve into science, religion, and offer almost paranormal viewpoints. This amazing writer actually creates this collection by utilizing the core of a long-time theory that many people believe is fact: That as humans, we are living a variety of lives in various locations and/or dimensions at one time.

Now, I know there are many who shake their heads or roll their eyes at what they feel is nothing more than sci-fi beliefs, but this author makes quite a pertinent case for his insights. Whether the subject he’s using is animals and nature, or fate, or events that seem to be pre-ordained, you feel a sense of enlightenment when you read the heartfelt words.

The author states it best by explaining that there are particular words that “pop up” in the book many times over, such as consciousness, beliefs, and thoughts. This explanation makes perfect sense after you find yourself enjoying the journey you take through his essays and comments, some that are focused on the thoughts and beliefs of poets who lived in the early centuries. This is not a book (as you can probably tell from the title itself) that will ‘conform’ to other books or become part of the ‘norm’ when speaking about fiction or non-fiction. And the beauty of it is the fact that it does not do these things; that the author worked to go against the grain and be different. This fact alone allows this book to stand out.

In addition, it’s extremely important to point out that H.T. Manogue did a great deal of research in order to gather unforgettable quotes that can help each and every one of us to better understand life and be able to shed that anxiety and worry we seem to run on nowadays. Words are offered from the minds of Emerson, Rumi, and more—even rare Indian tales from long ago are presented. And after you read the collection, you will see that the happiness and calmness you feel will make this book one of your absolute favorites. 

“Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” is wisdom in a nutshell, to say the least. Not only will you learn lessons, but you’ll be able to enjoy and laugh as well. The author has made sure of that!

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