“Where Are We Tomorrow?” by Tavi Taylor Black

Where Are We Tomorrow?

Tavi Taylor Black
Touch Point Press (2021)
ISBN 9781952816369
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (08/2021)

“ʻWhere are we tomorrow?’ someone would ask, knowing it didn’t really matter, that they’d all be on the bus. Same jobs, same schedule, just in another town.”—pg. 78.

Show Biz is a rough life to lead, and yet I cannot think of a better author to bring this industry to the page than Tavi Taylor Black. Black brings fourteen years of experience touring with rock bands to the pages of this book, lending an accuracy unique to her writing, and yet detailed enough to set the scene for even the most amateur concert goer. More powerful though is her feminine take on a stereotypically male industry. Bringing a woman’s most gutting and emotional experience, a miscarriage, to a chauvinistically masculine industry and weaving it into a story of loss, love, and finding one’s way.

Four women. That’s all the females present on pop star Sadie’s road crew. They’ve got to stick together in the masculine world of music, touring, production, and stage set up. Each going through their own struggles, they come together in unique ways to create a sad, yet beautiful read. With several triggers, including miscarriage, suicide and rape, there is a heaviness that permeates the pages, wrapping you wholly within its folds. Dramatic and engrossing, this story addresses the art of finding oneself, no matter their age.

“Where Are We Tomorrow?” is a powerful and poignant read, magnifying the female relationship with heartbreak, masculine culture, and the bond women embrace in seeking one another out within them. Black teases out an emotional read for women of all backgrounds and experiences as she sheds light on several serious subjects while nestling the reader amidst diverse scenery ranging from the Italian countryside to a rock star’s apartment and tour vans.

The experiences of lead protagonist Alex Evans, and those of the three other females in the band’s road crew, will tug at reader’s heartstrings as we swim out of the grief and pain alongside these women, to the other side. This explosive debut from Tavi Taylor Black, leaves me yearning for more of her distinct writing and character familiarities.  

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