“How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon” by Penny Sansevieri

How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon: Learn how to turn Amazon into your 24/7 sales machine!

Penny Sansevieri
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN: 979856269929
Reviewed by Mark T. Sneed for Reader Views (08/2021)

Love this book for its practicality. Initially, I thought this was going to be one of those paint-by-numbers, pie in the sky, data driven idea books that in the end really just suggest spending a boatload of money to sell books. I have read a few of those and they made me scratch my head as to the effectiveness of the strategy. The idea of spending money to make money sounds good if you are independently wealthy, but I don’t know anyone who is independently wealthy or if they were, I would question them buying a book about making money. Anyway, back to the review of “How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon by Penny Sansevieri!

This book holds great, and practical strategies for making Amazon work for you. The background of the author and the groundwork the author laid of her credibility made me pay attention. The author acknowledged the incredible labyrinth that is Amazon, the dragon that many before her attempted to slay (sorry for the mixed metaphors), that is Amazon. Amazon continues to grow and as it grows, the intricacies of the business become harder and harder to negotiate. Imagine if you were trying to sell something on Amazon when it began and the relative ease of the process compared to now.

To succeed, you need a guide. Penny Sansevieri is that guide. She knows what she is talking about. The insider’s knowledge of how to navigate parts of Amazon was worth the read alone. The author’s ingenious insights of using Amazon’s many hidden or little used elements were clever. All I can say is that after reading this extremely helpful book in understanding the behemoth that is Amazon I feel that anyone battling to make significant gains working with Amazon and its varied elements of book publishing, advertising and sales will feel more at ease when considering using one of the biggest book publishers on the planet.

The author begins with a promise. I cannot say if the promise is valid or not. It is a work in progress for anyone interested in making Amazon work for them. The last thing that is important to understand is that unlike the pie in the sky, do this program, or hype one idea, or more typically invest in a program within the book, this book gives you options. You do not have to do everything immediately. The author points out that her journey to deciphering Amazon did not come overnight, but lessons that came with time. She often reminds the reader that if you do anything in the book, you will have measured success. The measure of the success after the reading is based on understanding the race is not to the quick but the intent and understanding the ins and outs of Amazon.

Really enjoyed looking behind the curtains and getting a better understanding of Amazon and their book publishing arm and highly recommend “How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon by Penny Sansevieri

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