“Never Make a Sound” by Fanen Chiahemen

Never Make a Sound: A Memoir

Fanen Chiahemen
The Awakened Press (2021)
ISBN: 978-1989134153
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (08/2021)

“Never Make a Sound: A Memoir” is an emotional and moving memoir told through the eyes of a young girl. Author Fanen Chiahemen documents her childhood and the abuse she faced from her parents as a young girl. Her parents were emotionally absent, and the toxic environment surrounding her led to feelings of abandonment, confusion, and rejection. She learned to retreat to her secret hiding place to block the pain she experienced.

Everyone around her believed she had mental problems and dismissed her without finding out the root cause of her whimsical tendencies. This further prompts her to get psychological help on her own as she chooses to survive against all odds.

Author Fanen has written a highly engaging memoir that takes an in-depth look at some deep and delicate issues that often happen behind closed doors. She has explored a fairly new-fangled writing style that is poetic and creative while also drawing weighty themes as the book buds. Fanen has used an intentional stylistic omission of punctuation in her artful narration as her emotions flow freely throughout the poems and stories. It felt as though the author was having a cathartic experience while writing this compelling life story.

This poignant text is backed by diary extracts in the form of photographs, adding to the authenticity of the information shared. I appreciate the courage of the author to shed light on the modern struggles that many face during their childhood by telling her story. My favorite aspect of the text was the simple language used that even a layman would find easy to understand.

There were few instances where the descriptions of events and characters were not fully defined or clear and for that reason, I give the book 4 stars. Nevertheless, “Never Make a Sound: A Memoir” by Fanen Chiahemen is an incredibly moving text that delves into a subject matter that is relevant to modern times. This is a wonderfully apt book for those who have had a turbulent childhood and wish to move past it. The stirring book is well worth the time!

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