“Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons” by Stuart Z. Goldstein

Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons

Stuart Z. Goldstein 
Pen Paper Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781736632208
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (08/2021)

As a parent who has a special bond with my own child, and have been able to go through both bad and good times with her throughout the years only to come out of it all and still be the best of friends, I truly felt connected to this book, “Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons” by Stuart Z. Goldstein. Now, Moe’s life was nothing like mine, but the core points of the plot here; family, struggles based on the era, traditions being able to thrive and continue from one generation to another—connect all readers no matter what their race, religion or background may be.

Moe Fields is that ultimate role model we rely and depend on; in a way, he becomes a legendary figure with a heart so big and a mind so wise that it’s almost difficult to believe in his existence at all. And the author, who is a son of this amazing man, has the creative ability to not only deliver this three-part story in an intriguing way, but is also able to keep the reader extremely captivated and wanting to know more the whole way through. This is a feat that seems almost impossible as of late when it comes to non-fiction.

Moe has a fighting spirit, to say the least. In the first part of our story, we are in the midst of the Great Depression (1934). Moe grows up during these highly difficult times and, while a teenager, he works hard to become a Golden Gloves boxer. In the ring he’s fierce, which leads him to his career as a paid Bootleg fighter in Brooklyn, New York. Eventually he becomes one who we are all grateful for when it comes to serving this country; a WWII sailor who, actually, ended up being singled out by Roosevelt.

Part II of the book heads into his post-war life where Moe works hard and fights prejudice in order to build both a successful family and one of the largest businesses in New Jersey when it came to plumbing. He not only had to overcome discrimination, but he had to face health issues as well; heartbreaking ones, in fact, that included a drunk driver bringing Moe and his wife, Frannie, horrific trauma that would lead to lifetime disabilities, changing the lives of their sons dramatically. During this time period, above all, his sons watched and learned from these people who would not stop, no matter what or who tried to get in their way. 

When it comes to the latter part of the tale, the author does a great job showing readers life through the eyes of both him and his brothers. You truly see all that they have learned from both their father and mother, and how the strength and love of their parents helped paved the way for the boys to have better lives, make better decisions, and fight for their own beliefs while never giving up or giving in.

The image of “the boxer” will stay in my mind long after this tale has ended. I will always see Moe as one who fought, as much as he possibly could for as long as he could, to make his family solid. My own child came to me once only a year ago. Now that she is the mom of three, she was struggling one day with an issue and said to me: “I wish I was like you, Mom. You always made everything seem so easy.” I was so proud at that moment I can’t tell you. I never thought any of it was easy, but I am highly thankful I made it look that way.

Stuart Goldstein has created a huge tribute to his loving parents with “Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons.” Not only should he be commended, but readers need to delve into Moe Fields’ story ASAP. 5 Stars! (10, if I was allowed.) Enjoy!

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