“Please Her” by Mackenzie Masters

Please Her: The Life and Times of David Orion

Mackenzie Masters
Ramirez and Clark Publishing (2021)
ISBN 978-1955171007
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (08/2021)

Erotica is a genre that has become quite popular since the days of fifty shades. They usually include a sexy man who gives women nights filled with passion. Author MacKenzie Masters, has turned that plot line on its head with “Please Her.”

“Please Her” is about a man named David Orion who is just a young college guy trying to pay the bills. He works as a cable guy by day and is a student by night. When he meets Ellen, his life suddenly changes. She ushers him into her bedroom when he arrives to fix the cable. She is divorced and a single mom with no money. Ellen doesn’t know what she is going to do, but she knows what she needs in that moment.

Ellen and David create a relationship built on how David makes Ellen feel sexually and emotionally. She opens the door to a world where David can help women become who they want to be. He shows women they are powerful, beautiful, and can make their dreams come true. All this happens when David Orion shows up at your door. Ellen and David share life together, but don’t make a commitment to one another. Ultimately, David has a realization that changes everything.

What I truly liked about this book was that the women had authority in their roles. It was not another story built on a man who gives women the experience of a lifetime and moves on to the next. Masters built a story that gives women power in their bedrooms and in their offices. There are no whips or chains involved. No contracts are signed. The sexual encounters don’t have a subservient feeling about them. The question, ‘how can I please you,’ is always asked of the woman.

I was impressed with the simplicity of the storyline and how well Masters carried out her purpose for this book. I would recommend this book to adults only due to the subject matter and language. Although the story was good, there were many editing issues I recommend be addressed. Overall, I enjoyed the book and believe it could be very successful with a little polishing.

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