“Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess” by Dan E. Hendrickson

Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess

Dan E. Hendrickson
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9781734518771
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (8/2021)

Master Shaolin priests, stories of the far East, the practice of Tai Chi, pirates, slave traders and Her Majesty’s British Naval forces combine to bring the Pirates of the Caribbean more realistically to life within the pages of “Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess.” From ship captains and tavern owners, to death curses and sea battle, this story uses romance and family to anchor readers firmly to the story. 

Two very different green-eyed, flaming haired women kick this story off, Brandy and her mother. But, after barely escaping with her life, Brandy is determined to hide her true identity and never return to the seas which claimed her parents. Brandy, Davonte, John and Ralphie star in the story of Brandy and her family’s wretched pirating ways as we find Brandy working alongside Davonte in her uncle’s tavern. This new life on land is enough for Brandy until John and Ralphie walk through the door one night. The events that these two set off drive the remainder of the story as the sea calls for Brandy’s return.

“Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess” houses a combination of vivid fight scenes and the courting of two young couples. Showcasing the author’s ministry work within the pages lends a fitting tribute to the 1800s setting of this story. Lodged amongst the beauty of the Caribbean islands, the slave trade and relations between the southern United States and Her Majesty’s husband rage as fierce as the sea. Intertwining history and romance in a more stunning story than even Johnny Depp can pull off, Hendrickson enraptures the readers with his tales both on land and at sea. 

No detail is left unturned in Hendrickson’s penning of sweeping battles between Caribbean slave pirates and British Naval forces. The seafaring knowledge stored within is softened at the edges with strong, powerful female romantic interests and interracial coupling, providing ties to draw in a diverse audience of readers. To the very last page, we are left praying for more of Brandy and Davonte’s story beyond the bookends of “Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess,” as this is seemingly just the beginning.

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