“The Letter” by Ed Munson

The Letter

Ed Munson
Dorrance Publishing Co. (2021)
ISBN: 9781637649480
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (09/21)

“The Letter” by Ed Munson will make you question what you think you know about history, politics, and the world. When Supreme Court Justice Bailey Stewart gets a mysterious letter in the mail, her entire world is turned upside down. The anonymous sender, simply called “Ivanhoe,” claims to have top secret documents that prove the United States government has hidden the truth behind the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and others, as well as concealed the knowledge of alien visitations and cures for cancer. Justice Stewart and her husband Zach quickly put together a team of investigators to delve into the claims, but what they find soon becomes dangerous.

Right from the start, this book and its premise are exceptionally compelling. By far the most interesting part of the book are the letters from Ivanhoe that periodically show up throughout the novel. Each one gives more details about hidden truths and provides the characters with more reasons to question what they know. I enjoyed the conversations each of the investigators had with one another and how they puzzled out the information Ivanhoe provided.

My one gripe is in the format the book is written, which was clearly intentional. The book reads more like a script and less like a novel in some places. The author provides excellent details on the description of places and the professional lives of the characters, but the missing element for me was in regard to their feelings and emotions. I didn’t really get a good sense of who these characters were outside of their professions. That aside, I enjoyed the overall story and found it maintained my interest throughout.

With that being said, I saw the characters as being vehicles to help us explore the true star of the story, which is Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe never disappointed with the bizarre claims that were made and the revelations Stewart and the team confirmed through their digging. Some of these “truths” were so plausible and logically explained, I couldn’t help but wonder where I could start to do my own research and begin to verify the claims. This book is loaded with interesting information and ideas that are not exactly mainstream. I think anyone who enjoys unveiling plots about government coverups, conspiracy, and aliens will find this book an insightful read. It was not difficult for the novel’s revelations to be convincing. If nothing else, it may help us broaden our perspective as to what we think to be true.

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