“This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…” by Marisa Billions

This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…

Marisa Billions
Mirador Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781914965029
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (9/2021)

Not very often does a book take readers on such an emotional rollercoaster than that within “This Too Shall Pass” by Marisa Billions. A little bit coming of age and finding one’s self, and a little bit familial drama, the life of Eva is packed into this fast-paced read.

Kicking off with an immature Eva, aged twenty-six, self-defined as bi-sexual and too wild to settle down, I immediately took a disliking to the laziness, depressiveness, and uncaring attitude of our female lead. However, as the years of her life progressed, chapter by chapter, and she settled into a life of checking all the boxes, including marriage and a child, it became ever easier to sympathize with Eva and the internal struggles she feels as she works to define her own happiness. Ultimately, as Eva’s story unravels, readers are sucked into all the feelings. Then, upon making a decision she cannot turn back from, readers are again whiplashed into a mix of dislike and sympathy as the emotional toll only begins to mount.

At its core, “This Too Shall Pass” is a simple story of “before and after” broken into several life defining moments that shake both Eva and those surrounding her. While it is so easy to hate Eva at times, it is just as easy to feel sympathy and heartbreak for her too as her story continues to unfold, causing a sort of push and pull of one’s emotions as the pages turn and the story progresses ever deeper. Growing up alongside Eva, readers fall in step with her patterns just before being whisked into the next life altering scene.

Author Marisa Billions has written such a captivating novel of the tug-of-war between motherhood and one’s own happiness, causing a similar push and pull between readers’ own emotions as she shows us there is nothing a mother won’t do to protect her son and the life-defining moments in between.   

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