“The Dark Generation” by Althea Garner

The Dark Generation

Althea Garner
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781647537616
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/2021)

“The Dark Generation,” tells a story of a woman’s upbringing during some very difficult times in places that are now Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Besides political turbulence and unrest, Althea also had to deal with personal struggles and conflicts that occurred during her upbringing and throughout her young adult life.

Althea Garner takes us on a journey through her childhood, disclosing experiences in which readers will feel the rawness and pain she suffered. Much of this was caused by betrayal from her own family members. As she moves past these experiences, and into young adulthood, she continues to persevere and work through some trying times that involve relationships, family members, and financial difficulties. As she approaches her late thirties, she realizes that “The Dark Generation,” has affected her life in such a way that she had continued to allow their negative influence to take a hold of her. Waking up to the fact that this does not need to be her reality allowed her to take full responsibility for herself and her children. Freeing herself of the false beliefs by which she was raised helped release her from continuing to feel obligated to people who expected her to follow the false path that was set for her. As Althea experiences her awakening, she creates a list of ten rules by which she will live her new life. Freeing herself from the shackles of her past, these rules will now guide her. As this part of her story ends, Althea leaves Africa and is on her way to a new adventure in the United States.

“The Dark Generation,” greatly impacted me as I read. So many things were happening in Althea’s life. She did an amazing job of painting a picture of the people and places where she lived. I found myself fascinated by the vivid descriptions of places that are completely exotic to me. The people are of great interest as well. As she moves through her life, she shares more than just her own struggles; she also describes the conflicts that Africans were experiencing as well, facing undue hardships because of the political wars and corrupt politicians. It was heartbreaking to read those parts.

 I also was completely caught up in Althea’s personal journey. She often suffered because her close relatives were caught up in their own dramas and unable to see that they weren’t protecting her. Despite all of this, she pushed through and managed to raise her own family during times where she was the sole breadwinner. Her tenacity and desire to provide for her children enabled her to become a successful, educated business woman. As she goes through her awakening, she is able to move forward and move on. I truly hope that she continues to share her story with us, especially of her adventures in the United States. The Ten Life Lessons, which she shares will also be greatly appreciated and lead to some contemplative thoughts. Readers will be fascinated. They will also feel like the author is now a friend with whom they greatly admire.  

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