“On Street Fighting” by J.D. Bradley

On Street Fighting

J D Bradley
Movement Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 9780988818033
Reviewed by Haley Kilgour for Reader Views (092021)

I couldn’t help but feel like “On Street Fighting” is what it’d be like if Tyler Durden sat down a young buck and said, “You’re going to fight and be an idiot, so, here’s how to fight and not die. Now, go forth and do, my child.” The style overall, is that of someone with knowledge imparting that upon someone else (which was one of the three goals Bradley had when writing this), but intermixed are tales from this time in his life closer akin to what a memoir would read like. It’s a weird mix, but one that works relatively well for the book.

This is a book not for kids simply due to the explicit language. At times, it enhanced what was being said. At other times, not so much. But, regardless of if I thought it relevant or not, it was easy to see that Bradley is not beating around the bush.

As a martial artist myself, it was very interesting to see the other side of “the fighter’s world.” I train personally so that I don’t find myself in these instances. And most high-level martial artists usually recognize that in a street fight we are screwed six ways to Sunday. But, knowing some of the stuff I do now from this book, maybe it’s only five ways to Sunday now.

There was one point in the book where I did become a little concerned. In the second segment about millennials, Bradley by name and last initial, calls out three individuals and threatens them. I found that highly unnecessary, unprofessional, and indicative that he’s maybe not quite left street fighting behind—or at least would gladly make a few exceptions. Overall, the fighting advice given in this book is mostly sound. I do have one thing to contend with though. Bradley says that you should punch with the middle, ring, and pinky knuckles rather than the index and middle. He says it’s more comfortable, and I tried his little trick with the wall to see what he was talking about. I found the proper way (index and middle) more comfortable. But the major reason you should hit with those knuckles is because the bones in your arms line up with them when you punch correctly and prevent you from breaking your hand. When you punch with the last three knuckles alone, you’re likely to get what is called boxer’s fracture. I’ve seen it happen; it’s not pretty. Punch correctly.

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