“Bella’s Dash: How Our Pup Rescued Us” by Jo Dibblee

Bella’s Dash: How Our Pup Rescued Us

Jo Dibblee
TellWell Talent (2021)
ISBN 9780228862161
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (9/2021)

“Bella’s Dash” is more than just a book, it saves dogs’ lives as proceeds from each sale are donated to shelters and spay services to protect our furry companions. Such an impactful read for dog lovers and dog rescuers, celebrating a beautiful life well lived.

Although I could have finished this in one sitting, I forced myself to take breaks to give my own dog snuggles and extra love. “Bella’s Dash” is so raw and emotional and yet such an inspiring tribute, it was so easy to escape into and remember all the wonderful memories of my own furry companions over their lifetimes. Author Jo Dibblee walks her readers through her life, as measured by the dogs she’s loved and the grief she’s faced. Eventually, we are introduced to this story’s namesake, Bella. Bella comes to the Dibblee family as a puppy, displaying uncanny abilities and therapeutic love for those she meets. As any dog owner knows, the unconditional way in which dogs throw their whole heart into loving their humans is the greatest feeling on earth, unmatched by anything else. This love is tangible on the pages of this impressionable read.

Before you crack this book open though, be sure to have tissues and your own four-legged loves next to you for breaks and emotional support. Many of the chapters are also pleasantly peppered with “furry friend” tales from contributors writing in to express their own stories about their dogs, ranging from their first experience with unconditional love in their teen years via a puppy, to the lives well lived by older pups no longer with them. 

“Bella’s Dash” is truly a tribute to all things dog. All the love, energy, security, feelings of home, and plethora of smiles dogs provide their owners are fully experienced through the stories of Jo Dibblee and the dogs she’s loved in her lifetime, as well as the guest contributors in the “furry friends” sections of this read. This is one every dog lover should pick up, especially knowing your purchase is going back to saving the very animals that love us so hard.  

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