“The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

The Ring of Truth

Peter Pactor
Friesen Press (2021)
ISBN: 9781039104747
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/2021)

Eddie Andrews is fifteen years old and dealing with typical teenage angst. Unfortunately, he often lets his anger get out of hand when dealing with common issues. Without intending to, Eddie attracts the attention of a mischievous wizard named Murkles. The wizard sees promise in Eddie and is determined to help him overcome his anger and discover some magical talents in which he was unaware that he had.

Initially, Eddie is not at all receptive to this, especially since Murkles likes to use humor in his lessons. This humor is often at the teen’s expense. As Eddie works out his issues, he takes on some extraordinary challenges, which include both human and magical creatures. As the teen succeeds and keeps moving forward, he gets handed larger assignments. Eddie is soon tasked with saving a magical forest in his small town. Teaming up with magical creatures helps the young man take on the town mayor and a construction crew. This challenge helps Eddie realize the true extent of what he is capable.

In “The Ring of Truth,” author Peter Pactor has written a fun tale that is sure to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. As with Pactor’s other novels, there are many lessons to be found in this story, for both the protagonist and for the reader. While I enjoyed several books in his Daniel series, I really found myself enjoying this story even more because of the humor and magical elements. It made for a diverting escape. The fantasy elements alone are enough to make for a fun read, but then the story adds depth as the main character is faced with challenges to help him overcome life trials. He also learns a valuable lesson in that others around him are affected by his behavior, and he has the power to change things in a positive way. 

It is hopeful that a young reader will learn from this, while also being able to enjoy a laugh out loud adventure. I would highly recommend “The Ring of Truth,” for a required reading assignment. Pactor’s writing talent will create a magical reading experience for preteens and teens, and is a story sure to be enjoyed by adults as well.

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