“Death Rules the Night” by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Death Rules the Night: A Dan and Rivka Sherman Mystery

Rosemary & Larry Mild
Magic Island Literary Works (2021)
ISBN 9780990547266
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (09/2021)

Rosemary and Larry Mild have used their time in sunny Hawaii to create a mystery surrounding a certain family’s history, a disappeared body, and a bookstore. In their book “Death Rules the Night,” it will surprise readers to learn that mysteries can lie dormant for years and erupt in the most unthought of places.

Dan and Rivka are the owners of the Old Victorian bookstore. Rivka enjoys her new chapter in life, while Dan is still obsessed with finding a mystery and solving it. When Dan discovers a book missing from the shelves, his investigation begins. He learns this same book is missing from many other places. The missing book is about the Atkins family history. So, who would want it and why?

Arthur Atkins has died, and his family has come to town to tie up loose ends of the estate. The Atkins family home has been sold and a certain son, Muddy, isn’t happy about it. Muddy is the youngest of the four Atkins children and has been hiding a secret for twenty years. When he learns that the original copy of the Atkins Family History has fallen into the hands of another, his only goal is to get that manuscript back and ensure his secret remains a secret.

I was drawn to “Death Rules the Night,” because I like a mystery and I love books and bookstores. “Death Rules the Night” is unique because this mystery has nothing to do with espionage or chasing people across the globe. It has snippets of one being stalked and alarm systems being cut. It is a simple story. There are no breath holding scenes. It is a story I could see becoming a movie on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel.

Overall, I liked the story, but there were some elements I would like to have seen play out differently. The mystery writer’s critique group was an excellent way to tie the confession of Mr. Dwyer to the Atkins family. What confused me was the inclusion of the other chapters read by members of the group. I felt this was filler and not pertinent to the story. The inclusion of Ivy and Mark’s impending nuptials didn’t seem to fit either.

I gave “Death Rules the Night” a rating of four out of five because I did enjoy the main plot line, although I would delete a few scenes involving the outer realms of the story. I also enjoyed the ease of reading with no glaring grammar issues.

“Death Rules the Night” by Rosemary and Larry Mild is a book that would be excellent for young and older readers alike.

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