“Screenwriting for Storytellers” by Sherlann D. Moore

Screenwriting for Storytellers: How to Take Your Story From Idea to Script 

Sherlann D. Moore
Moon Leaf Publishing 2021
ISBN: 9780999761250
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (09/2021)

As a writer myself who, like the rest out there (even the ones with the really big names), stumble upon writer’s block more than once during their lifetime—I was highly interested in reading this book. Now I know there are those who will feel exasperated by the title; I was one of these people. Not because it’s an incorrect pronouncement of the topic covered inside the cover, but because it “sounds like” one of those lessons taught in school that you never seem to learn anything from because they were written in a text decades ago and are still used today. But I assure you, do not walk away from this because you have that idea, because this is so much more.

If you want to learn the nuances of screenwriting, this professional is the one to listen to. She proves her time, effort, and the work she’s put into the industry and her craft with the slew of information she provides in this book. Yes, presented are lessons on how to build and structure a killer screenplay, but there are bonus features that make the book entertaining, enjoyable, and one that offers so much data you will want to have it next to your computer at all times while ‘penning’ your very own masterpiece.

From quizzes to exercises that remove writer’s block and get your brain reengaged to the point where ideas start flowing through your mind again when it is at its most empty; from writing drills to in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to create a script/screenplay that the bigwigs can simply not turn down—this book has them all.

The greatest part you will find in here, in my estimation, is S.D. Moore’s very own cash award-winning autobiographic dramatic script entitled, “Stronger When She’s Broken” which should most definitely be made into a movie. (It is absolutely fantastic!) The author’s descriptions and instructions are simple to follow and so helpful that it is the perfect tool for any struggling writer or, perhaps, even film student to help them reach their ultimate goal.

Moore even goes so far as to offer up info and tips on story length preferences for a screenplay, education on how to find, develop, and bring to life those perfect characters and plots that will garner interest in your screenplay within the industry, and even what Hollywood is looking for at the moment. This is a self-help book to the extreme, but is also the ultimate map that is a ‘must have’ when you’re traversing the very difficult scene that is Hollywood filmmaking and the realm of entertainment.

Although I stick to writing books, after reading this I can now say it’s not out of the realm that I will one day take a shot at writing a screenplay. Because as long as Moore’s guide, with that incredible screenplay she wrote inside of it, is by my computer, she has made me believe I might just be able to do it successfully.

I highly recommend this book to writers of all ages and genres whose passion for words is a never-ending part of their daily lives. 5 Stars!

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