“Mending the Flag, Healing the World” by Andy Bilik

Mending the Flag, Healing the World

Andy Bilik
Tellwell Talent (2019)
ISBN: 9780228811381
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/2021)

Canadian author Andy Bilik offers an interesting discourse on how the current political climate is creating further problems of division, not only in Canada, but around the world. While he discusses many of the issues in Canada, most are not unique to those happening in the United States. These include climate concerns, mistreatment of indigenous people, and poor services for veterans. Some of the issues happening in the United States are greatly impacting other places in the world. This especially involves foreign affairs and environmental issues that cause climate change.

“Mending The Flag, Healing the World,” is not written from an angry, judgmental perspective, rather it is a thoughtful critique on current issues, with well thought out suggestions on how to resolve them. As a Canadian citizen who has been a government employee in public service, he has the knowledge and experience to reflect on how the system should be improved. He would like to see his government take more of a risk-based decision-making stance, in which they will also be transparent in allowing voters access to information so they can be better informed. Removing outdated, heavily encumbered bureaucracies would simplify how things are done. This would allow the government a fresh start and the citizens to feel more confident about the system. Clearly, the United States needs this as well.

As an American, I read this book because I wanted to gain a greater understanding of issues for my neighbors to the north. Not only did I gain a great perspective on Canada’s concerns, but I also gained knowledge about issues in my own country. It was refreshing to see positive solutions. I also found Bilik’s information to be well researched and cited. Readers can easily find information to do more extensive research in their specific areas of interest. Bilik wants Canadians to lead by example so that the rest of the world can follow. Personally, I love this idea, and feel that “Mending the Flag, Healing the World,” should be read by citizens of the world, no matter their country, who are tired of the current state of political affairs in which we are all surrounded. Divisions among people need to be overcome, and it is time to unite for the greater good.  

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