“Primeval Waters” by William Burke

Primeval Waters 

William Burke
Severed Press (2021)
ISBN: 9781922551993
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (10/03)

I first came across this talented author when I read “Scorpius Rex.” Well, I should say, when I first saw the incredible cover of “Scorpius Rex,” and knew I absolutely had to read it. I can still recall every detail of those engineers out in the African desert as they uncovered a colony of huge, ten-foot prehistoric scorpions that proceeded to unleash hell on earth. I mean, come on… after hearing just that, you know you have to get online and buy that William Burke book as fast as humanly possible. And now, with “Primeval Waters” this newest treasure set in my memory banks (amazing cover on this, as well), I have to once again rave about the creativity, uniqueness, and action-oriented mind this particular author owns tenfold.

Riveting, to say the least, “Primeval Waters” took a slight turn that once again unleashed an unforgettable plot, told at a breathtaking pace. Here we meet Dr. Micah Clarke—a planetary geologist—along with his young daughter, Faye, and Catalina Abril, who is Dr. Clarke’s assistant. When this trio meets up with some seriously bad people, with guns aimed at them, they are kidnapped and forced to join a fanatic’s quest. This maniac obsessed with his own power has formed a paramilitary expedition that leads them down a tributary of the great Amazon River; a location that is more than dangerous, considering the fact that it’s controlled by everything from bloodthirsty pirates to tribes of cannibals.

The fanatic’s quest does have an actual objective, however. The group is supposedly heading through these savage surroundings in order to retrieve a meteorite that has the power to provide clean energy to the entire world. But if you think cannibals and pirates and kidnappers are the only hideous beings Dr. Clarke will have to battle in order to save his daughter, you are quite wrong. There may not be a ten-foot scorpion on his tail, but prehistoric creatures will once again gain the spotlight. From Titan ants that measure six inches; to a Mega Piranha known to have stalked the waters 8 to 10 million years ago; to a seventy-foot Titanoboa, a serpent with a deadly appetite that could weigh over a ton, are also on hand to take out the ships…and any human dumb enough to believe they can survive their wrath.

As Micah comes to believe that an almost “extraterrestrial” power is somehow calling upon and displaying these horrific creatures of the past for the purpose of protecting this unknown meteorite, emotions rage and the battles build to a climax that is truly haunting. The writing is so well-done that the scenes feel as if they’re really playing out before your eyes, and when the meager humans must finally confront an ancient energy that could bring about Judgement Day, your pulse will race out of control.

William Burke has, twice now, made a lasting impression on this reader. I most definitely give a “5-Star” review and recommendation for this incredible work.

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