“Èkleipsis: The Abyss” by Tamel Wino

Èkleipsis: The Abyss

Tamel Wino
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 978-1777408855
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (10/2021)

“Èkleipsis: The Abyss” is a book of short stories, each tale beginning with just one mysterious picture, anchoring the reader to the page as they seemingly piece together the odd photo, watching for it within the read, and waiting for the shoe to drop, in this book of horrors. 

A book of short stories is in some ways more challenging than a full novel. Authors have only a handful of pages to develop their characters, relationships, and the plot that ultimately brings the story to a head. But, in every single one of the stories within “Èkleipsis: The Abyss,” author Tamel Wino achieves these milestones in impressive fashion, with a horrific twist to boot, which is sure to keep readers up at night writhing in the acts playing out amongst the pages.

Using anchors and locks of hair, to glass, condoms, and gated bars, Wino sets readers up with what to look for in each story. The picture kicking off each story provides readers a small, mysterious glimpse of the precipice of the story to lure them in before terrifying them enough to sleep with one eye open. Beginning with a story bursting with fifty shades of grey vibes between Damien and Hazel, to stories of Ash and a trucker, a jazz singer, and escapades of Peter and Matthew on their boys hunting trip, each story is real enough to draw you in before reminding you of the cruel nature of humans.

Six stories encapsulate this collection, each as thrilling and absorbing as the next. Be prepared to ride a rollercoaster of emotions after reading about, and meeting, each character in Wino’s collection. It’s a collection certainly targeted towards adults and has several trigger warnings, including abuse, violence, assault, captivity and more. It is at times appalling, strange and outright frightening, but Wino’s way with character development is outstanding. In just a limited number of pages, Wino connects (or meaningfully disconnects) readers from the prominent characters surrounding each story.

The display of artistic creativity and character creation really sets “Èkleipsis: The Abyss” apart in the field of short story collections.  

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