“Short Sleeves – A Book for Friends” by H.T. Manogue

Short Sleeves – A Book for Friends

H.T. Manogue
Shortsleeves (2007)
ISBN: 9780977813018
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/21)

“Short Sleeves- A Book for Friends,” contains the 2007 collection of the H.T. Manogue’s poetry. Having previously enjoyed, “Pine Cone Pandemic: With Acorn Dressing,” I found myself thinking that I might be a bit disappointed because it is just a small book of poetry. Appearances can be deceiving. While there are just over 100 pages of Manogue’s writings, each piece of poetry seems to tap into a deeper realm of the universe and expands in our minds as we read this insightful and uplifting collection.

Normally I do not seek out poetry, and in this case, I think it sought me out. As strange as that might sound, it was exactly what I needed to show myself how much I have disconnected from my spiritual self. My body has been sending me messages, in the form of illnesses, to let me know I need to slow down and reconnect. I’ve ignored them. When I started reading “Short Sleeves,” my main interest was because I remembered that I enjoyed his other book and it made me feel better after I read it. Wanting to read, despite my tired eyes, I noticed that the print was large and the letters spread far out on the page. Once I started reading, I knew why I needed to read Manogue’s poetry. Each work is some form of a reminder about why we need to be experience life through a spiritual connection between our body and mind. We need to remember that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. So many of us let life stresses take us away from our spiritual path, and we just exist. We’ve been given so much beauty in this world, I know we were not just put here to simply exist. Manogue’s poetry is a beautiful reminder of why we are here.

Some of his poems resonated more with me than others. ‘Poetry Brings Us Together’, ‘The Cosmic Urge’, ‘The Everything of Nothing’, and ‘With the Snap of Fingers’, are all poems that really helped me remember the spiritual universal connection that I have been missing. I haven’t just disconnected from the universe, I disconnected from myself, and am grateful to feel these gentle reminders to get back on track.  I wish I could have taken my blood pressure before and after, because I am sure it lowered a great deal.

“Short Sleeves- A Book for Friends,” would make a beautiful gift for a friend, especially if the friend is you.

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