“Christie’s Journey” by John R. Bain

Christie’s Journey: The Beat Goes On

John R. Bain
Christian Faith Publishing (2021)
ISBN  9781098078294
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (10/2021)

“Christie’s Journey” follows the daughter of John Bain, who experiences a life-threatening medical emergency in 2019. Christie was a new mother, headed back to her job at the Red River Credit Union. She was looking forward to getting back to work, but like all new mothers, she was going to miss her time with Westin, her baby boy.

Her story begins in 2012 when she is working at Honeywell. She applies for another position because she feared her current position was ending. After receiving her new position, she begins living and working in Kuwait and meets her future husband, Brian. After returning from Kuwait, Christie marries Brian, and they settle in Texas. Life is going well until Christie becomes unresponsive at her desk. Her friends and family are not sure what has happened, they just know it isn’t good.

Christie’s episode was a reaction involving a birth defect that was never detected. It was actually a miracle she was still alive and had had a child. Her journey included EKGs, numerous tests, and surgeries. Ultimately, Christie recovers but not without the love and actions of a village, and all the credit is given to God.

There are many aspects of this story that are beautiful reminders of what God can do amid trials. Christie was facing a long recovery from her illness. She was facing surgery and she would experience the natural agitation that comes from wanting to be a wife and mother and unable to do just that. God provided all her needs. Her family rallied around her. Her husband was by her side. Her friend stepped up to take care of Christie’s baby boy. Blessings were abundant in this story.

While I did enjoy reading about Christie’s journey, there were a couple issues I had with the writing that took away from my reading experience. First, the author referred to himself in the third person. I was expecting him to use ‘I’ when referring to himself and therefore I became a little confused. I thought that using first person would have made the story more personal. Also, the inclusion of the doctor reports was not appealing to me.

Overall, Christie’s Journey is a precious story. It is a reminder that miracles do happen, and prayers are answered. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a reminder that nothing is impossible with God.  

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