“Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

Full Circle: Covert Invasion

Alfred R. Taylor
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781726391115
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/2021)

“Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor begins in the year 1862, where android couple Mark and Jane Aaron are participating in the American Civil War. Having traveled from the year 2372, they secretly use their technology to assist them while they are on this mission. From here, they are sent to another planet where they must destroy an alien seed pod, called an icosagon, that had been sent out millions of year before. Icosagons were sent out with the intent of taking over all intelligent life in the galaxy. On this alien planet, even docile water cows are threatened. Once the couple resolves this issue, they travel to London to track down another icosagon. Once again, they have gone back in time, however, several years have passed since they last left. This mission is much more difficult than the one on the other planet, because a woman found the pod first and it has already started affecting her. Mark and Jane race to try to stop it before it can harm more people, which would, in turn, destroy the future.

I really enjoyed, “Full Circle: Covert Invasion.” I found the tale to be fast-paced and exciting. I loved being able to see historical events taking place through the eyes of androids from the future. Their secret use of modern technology really enhanced the story. I liked being able to jump from the 1860s to another world with strange alien creatures, and then back to old London.

The characters were very well developed for androids, and capable of independent thought. The plot was unique and exciting. The settings were either realistic or fantastic, depending upon where the scenes were taking place.

As this is the third book in the Full Circle series, it stood well on its own, however, I think other readers like myself, will want to read the other books because it was clear that the protagonists had much more to their story and I want to know their back stories. I highly recommend “Full Circle: Covert Invasion” to readers who enjoy fantasy and science fiction.  

What sets it apart from others is that the author uses time travel to send the main characters through time, into real historical events. Having read several history books recently, it was fun to see historical events through the eyes of the people from the future. It added a nice twist. It is a well written, creative story that will make readers want to read more of this author’s books.

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