“Mildred the Bird Lady” by Rose M. Jones

Mildred the Bird Lady

Rose M. Jones
Torchflame Books (2021)
ISBN 9781611534030
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (10/2021)

In “Mildred the Bird Lady,” Rose M. Jones has crafted a beautiful story about friendship and finding it in unexpected places and people.

The main characters in the story are an eccentric lady named Mildred and a young girl named Mary. Mary meets Mildred in the park while she is having a picnic with her family and her ball rolls to the park bench Mildred is sitting on. Mary is so young that her mother quickly scoops her up and reminds her to never talk to strangers.

Over the course of Mary’s life, she stays connected with Mildred. Her mother still doesn’t approve, but Mary feels a special connection to Mildred. She defends Mildred when people call her homeless and the bird lady. She finds encouragement and support from this unexpected encounter with a stranger. When Mary is in college, she experiences the tragic loss of her own mother. Mildred becomes even more important to Mary. She realizes the life lessons she has learned while spending time with Mildred.

What is so special about this story is that it reminds the reader that we can’t judge a book by its cover. We cannot judge people because of the clothes they wear or what they do for fun. Mildred was certainly not homeless, she just enjoyed feeding the birds in the park. Not until Mary took the time to develop a friendship with her did she learn this.

I was reminded of the scene in Mary Poppins when Michael sees the beggar lady feeding the pigeons outside the cathedral. His father wants him to give his tuppence to the bank, but he wants to give it to the bird lady. The bird lady in Mary Poppins represented charity and love. Mildred represents charity, love, healing, and a world long ago. If Mr. Dawes would have taken a moment to speak to the bird lady, he might have learned this too.

The friendship between Mildred and Mary is the kind we all hope to have with someone. It is a sweet reminder of the blessings that can come your way when you open your heart and mind to others, even those who are different from you.

I would certainly recommend “Mildred the Bird Lady,” by Rose M. Jones to all readers. The story is remarkable, and the writing style is unique. The only recommendation I could make is that it could use another round of more thorough editing to smooth out the spelling issues and missing words.

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