“Pulse” by B.A. Bellec


B.A. Bellec
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9798496189286
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (10/2021)

I have to be honest, when the “dystopian universe” first showed up in droves within the literary world, I was not all that intrigued. Over time, with some authors creating some seriously fantastical tales set in the future that involved the coolest technology, robots, planets, transports, etc., I began to change my views. Now, after reading “Pulse,” I must say that desire to read dystopian books has grown extremely strong for this particular reader. Reason being, B.A. Bellec “took” me, literally, to 2040, and set me up to see one of the most mysterious ‘creatures’ ever made released upon the world.

Moving away from all previous paths I’ve read, this book was not predictable in any way, shape, or form. Using present-day issues – from the effects of a pandemic to saving our natural resources to politics and business – every subject we deal with in 2021 is spoken about in Bellec’s 2040.

To begin, Pulse is actually the name of a company that, like a couple of bigwigs that rule our very lives, has the knowledge, know-how, power, and is “Big Brother” when it comes to the world of technology. They are the owners and operators of everything you can think of: The Internet, check. Communications systems, check. Schools and educational institutions, check. They’ve even been the creators of the P-7500 personal assistant robots that inhabit the happy homes in 2040. Pulse has the cash in its coffers and can control or demolish everything from their competition and naysayers to the government itself—easily erasing all of the world’s problems in the blink of an eye.

Wanting to enhance their company “image” to the public, Pulse puts together a weekend music festival they entitle “PulseFest.” However, something lives and breathes beneath the soil at the festival…something truly evil, horrific, and will scare the ever living…stuff out of all readers who view it.

One of the coolest parts of this book comes from the fact that it is told in a screenplay format, offering various characters’ points of view when it comes to the company, the neighborhood, and the state of existence itself. You become extremely frightened by their descriptions of the science fiction scenes that seem quite plausible, considering the author uses those present-day issues in the midst of this perfect horror/sci-fi story.

Enter the lab; watch someone jump through walls, see dangerous beings multiply; and get into the depths of “Pulse” and see how capitalism can turn evil in seconds. This tale is captivatingly frightening, which is actually a complete 360 for the author who penned the award-winning debut novel, “Someone’s Story,” that had nothing to do with putting forth darkness or horror, yet “Pulse” does both to a tee.

I recommend to everyone listening in Hollywood that this is one story that needs to be on the big screen ASAP! In the meantime, all horror, sci-fi, dystopian fans MUST read “Pulse” by BA Bellec. 5 stars!

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