“How Disease Affected the Military During the American Revolution” by Jack Darrell Crowder

How Disease Affected The Military During The American Revolution

Jack Darrell Crowder
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9798582402749
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (10/2021)

From March 22, 1765, to December 15, 1791, the American Revolution started and ended with great loss of lives; over 6,000 Americans. This doesn’t count the many British lives lost as a result of this war. Between the years of 1775-1778, something as small as a microbe or cell cost many more lives, various diseases, particularly SMALLPOX! Many estimated that upward of 12,000 lives were lost to these diseases!

This book, “How Disease Affected The Military During The American Revolution” by Jack Darrell Crowder, explores this little known subject about the underlying causes of how the revolution was won. He reveals in great detail the various diseases that turned the tide of the war, such as Diphtheria, Yellow Fever, Typhus, Malaria, Influenza, Dysentery, and the deadly Smallpox.

This is a very fascinating book that brilliantly points out the little known fact as to how the American Colonists won the war over the British invaders. Many Americans are familiar with the winning of said war, but not the little known fact that sicknesses and illnesses actually WON the war! As one reads this book, the author meticulously explains how the smallpox variant led the way!

“How Disease Affected The Military During The American Revolution” also points out conclusive evidence by presenting facts from many of the physicians’ writings during that time period to military commanders. Copies of letters between various soldiers and their families, a well-documented Appendix and Bibliography, as well as excellent photography of places, faces, and other locales pertaining to the war are included to provide a thorough, well-rounded understanding of all that transpired. The book also contains many other “little known details” that the average reader may not be aware of.

Well-written, precise, good flow with no back chapter flipping (reading previous chapters to understand what you’re reading), and most of all, educational. “How Disease Affected The Military During The American Revolution” by Jack Darrell Crowder is a must-read and would make a wonderful text for students studying American History. Easily 5 stars

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