“The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19” by Nicklois Leonard

The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19

Nicklois Leonard
Gatekeeper Press (2021)
ISBN: 9781662904912
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021)

“The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID -19,” is the first book in the exciting new Quantum Effect series by Nicklois Leonard.

In this first episode readers meet a Navy SEAL Team as it is merging into QSTCC: Quantum Space-Time Continuum Command which is stationed at Area 51. Beginning in the future, the leaders of the team are reviewing cases from the National Security Team for resolution. Stumbling on a file entitled: “COVID-19 Cover-Up,” the men realize that something tragic occurred for which they have no memory. The team jumps into action which involves using the quantum transporter on humans for the first time! While they are preparing to do this, events unfold back around 2019, in a Wuhan lab where a scientist realizes he helped create the virus soon to be referred to as COVID-19, to be used as a biological weapon. This weapon was to be secretly released as Project Airborne. Realizing his error, he soon finds himself enlisting the aid of the SEAL Team to help him escape. Past and present intersect as they work together to safely extricate the scientist safely, getting him to the United States so he can inform the rest of the world the truth about how the virus was created and hopefully work on a viable cure.

This thriller hit the ground running and had me hanging in suspense as I read it in one sitting. I love that it perfectly blends science fiction and espionage into a drama about a relevant current problem we are facing: COVID-19. As a matter of fact, I am about to get tested for it after having been recently exposed. So, this story truly hit home for me.

Having been raised in a military family, it was obvious that the author used his own background to create realistic military settings. The characters and the jargon are congruent with what I witnessed in my own upbringing.

In addition to enjoying the drama, I also appreciated that Leonard was able to seamlessly move between time frames. It worked perfectly for a novel that involves time shifting and is rare to see it done as well as he did. I was always aware of which timeframe I was supposed to be in.

Fans of espionage, thrillers, suspense and science fiction will all want to get their hands on “The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID -19,” by Nicklois Leonard and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Five Stars!

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