“The Dark Tetrad” by AP Rawls

The Dark Tetrad

AP Rawls
Upper West Side Press, LLC (2021)
ISBN: 978-1737261308
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (11/2021)

In “The Dark Tetrad” by AP Rawls, we are introduced to an elite, super-secret American intelligence team called Rampart, for whom our main character, Kori Briggs, works. The group is so secretive that even the CIA and FBI really aren’t sure which division Kori works for. When the President is informed there is a madman running around with twenty tons of stolen uranium from Russia, he knows this is priority number one to find this lunatic and put him in jail for life. The one person who can handle this situation the best is none other than Agent Briggs. If she can’t stop this madman from planting this uranium bomb, which will cause devastating proportions if detonated, then no one can. Unfortunately, Kori has her work cut out for her because she must follow this guy on a wild goose chase from Washington, DC to New York, then Russia to Israel and the final destination being Paris. The question remains, can she find this man before he causes mass destruction? 

Right from the start, AP Rawls had me sitting on the edge of my seat in nervous anticipation. The author created superb characters, but of course my favorite was Agent Kori Briggs. With her intelligence, good looks, and her reputation of getting every bad guy she’d ever hunted down, I knew I would love seeing her character develop and unfold before me as I turned each page.

The author led me on one of the most exciting wild goose chases I’ve been on in a long time while reading along. I loved how first off, the Rampart team was so secretive even the CIA and FBI weren’t certain what division Kori worked for. Second, the author chose a woman with brains, looks and skill to run after this lunatic and try to stop him before detonating his uranium bomb. I love strong and intelligent female lead characters and AP Rawls didn’t disappoint.

I also enjoyed how I felt I was taken on a worldwide tour around the world while Kori tried finding clue after clue of where this uranium bomb was finally going to be detonated.

Each country Kori landed in brought me along on another adventure and had me on the edge of my seat even more so than the previous country she was in. I feel this book would be a great fit for older teens and adult fans of mystery, crime, suspense, and action & adventure stories. AP Rawls does not disappoint with this novel and I look forward to reading more in this exciting new series!

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