“Oh! Olivia” by Patricia Fry

Oh! Olivia

Patricia Fry
Matilja Press (2021)
ISBN 9781736943007
Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby for Reader Views (11/2021)

“Oh! Olivia” by Patricia Fry introduces readers to a calico cat names Olivia, and her human, Parker Campbell, who is an investigative reporter. Parker has been asked to help save a cat colony site from developers. The cat colony site has an interesting mystery surrounding it. The feral cats that reside there have been digging up personal belongings of missing people. Parker sets off with Olivia, her friend Savannah, and Detective Judson Caldwell to try to figure out who these items belong to and find out exactly what happened on this site.

During Parker setting off, she visits her mother and Olivia works her magic in finding a lost boy and ends up getting arrested. Olivia then helps Parker find her aunt, who is hurt and has a mysterious man trapped in her house. A lot of these stories take away from the main mystery but are fun to read and truly show the antics of some cats. As a cat owner myself, I can relate to a lot of the side stories and behaviors of Olivia and the other cats in the book. But since this is supposed to be a cozy mystery where a mystery is supposed to be solved, these side stories should be at a minimum and more emphasis on the actual main mystery. The main mystery was easy to see the conclusion, and it leads to a future book which this reader is curious about where it will exactly start from.

“Oh! Olivia” is the first book of the Calico Cat Mystery but there are several references to other stories that Olivia and Parker found themselves in, like references to other books. This did not make sense to me since this is supposed to be book one in a series. This reader would rather not have references to other mysteries and have them as future books.

If you are a fan of cats and cozy mysteries, then you will probably enjoy “Oh! Olivia” but be prepared to have it more focused on the cats and their behaviors, which can cause some laugh out loud moments.

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