“Irresistible Blurbs” by Siri Caldwell

Irresistible Blurbs

Siri Caldwell
Brussels Sprout Press (2020)
ISBN: 9780997402353
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021)

“Irresistible Blurbs,” is a concisely written book that is geared towards helping independent authors get readers to take notice and buy their books. It is specifically directed towards independent writers because they need to take the blurb writing task on for themselves; a service normally provided by a traditional publisher.

A blurb is the description of the story, which is usually provided on the back of a book, or inside the jacket. Its use has been expanded with the advent of online book sales. Readers, especially of independent books, will not have physical access to the book until they buy it, so they will most likely be reading the blurb online. Writing the perfect blurb helps the writer create a lasting first impression that will not only sell the book but also attract new readers. It is critical that the blurb is written in a way that will attract the perfect reader for that genre. Attracting the best audience for a story will also help facilitate the reader in writing a great review. These positive reviews will help motivate other readers to buy the book.

While “Irresistible Blurbs” incorporates exceptional examples that have been used in romances, every independent author will benefit from the information that is contained within these pages. The examples used make this book a more intriguing and fun read. Readers who feel motivated to purchase the novels cited in the examples will be pleased to know that further information about them is listed in the bibliography.

I found “Irresistible Blurbs” to be a great resource for all writers. Siri Caldwell provides a great deal of helpful information for writers that assist in helping to sell their books. She explains everything in a way that is informative but also enjoyable to read. She covers every aspect of the blurb writing process, which involves so much more than I realized. I now know what a trope is… She also covers more than just blurbs, discussing taglines and loglines. Logline is also another word that is new to me.

While Caldwell is educating writers, she is also sharing her own personal experiences as a romance author. She reminds readers that not everybody will like how they will decide to do things and cites a great example from her own experience. This was really helpful information. Aspiring independent writers, especially of romance novels, will really benefit from “Irresistible Blurbs.”

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