“The Song Endures” by Amy R. Saltz

The Song Endures: Drumming with a Different Beat

Amy R. Saltz
KDP Independent Publisher (2021)
ISBN: 9798468567951
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021)

In “The Song Endures: Drumming with a Different Beat,” Amy Saltz reaches out to lost souls who are becoming despondent from having to deal with the isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Health compromised individuals such as herself cannot rejoin our reopening society in person at this time because the new variants are causing viruses to break through the protection from the vaccines.

Saltz shares her story with us, and how she has been horribly affected because not only has she had to extend her isolation, but she also lost several family members and soulmates during this time. Not being able to say goodbye in person has made these losses even more painful. Dealing with the breakup of a partner also led to more feelings of separation. Fearing the ramifications of getting the virus has reopened trauma wounds for Saltz. Rather than allowing herself to spiral downward into a deep depression, she shares how she has reached outside of her home and still has meaningful connections. By following her story, readers can think of ways to utilize this information for themselves so that they can feel inspired to learn how to make a difference in the outside world.

Many of these ideas involve using technology and social media to share meaningful interactions. Through these routes, Saltz is also able to continue to share her healing gifts with music. As the world goes back to the new normal, Saltz will still be able to play a role in both the lives of those who have already returned and those who will slowing be wandering back.

Having already been touched by Saltz’s “Finding the Song: Living After Attempting Suicide,” I was pleased to look back into Amy Saltz’s life to see how she was dealing with surviving through these difficult times. Once again, she fully conveyed the depths of how much despair with which she was dealing, yet her overall message gives hope to readers to look outside themselves to find ways to connect with others and still feel relevant in this current society in which many people are feeling left behind.

For me, I was already trained to counsel students remotely, so the technological aspects were not a limitation nor a huge source of stress. Due to health issues, I continue to work remotely, and have never been healthier because I am not getting exposed to anything. Since my job involves reaching out to others, I’ve learned to put on a face to help them feel better, even on my down days. I am in my safe place, and happy that I can do the work that I love, but I wish it were a choice for me, and not a necessity because the world was hit so hard by a horrific pandemic.

Outside of my safe home, I see how people have been hit by this nightmare. Living near a hospital, in a county that was the epicenter of the virus, I have watched those around me suffer from horrific losses. Funeral processions did not stop here, and they were going down my street almost continuously. Listening to helicopters constantly flying patients out, because we had no space for them, was horrific. I was so afraid that I could end up being on one of those flights. I understand how easy it is to sink down into a depression, especially for those who have gone through trauma. I truly believe that, “The Song Endures: Drumming with a Different Beat,” will touch the lives of those who need a connection to help lift them from their despair. I hope that they will follow Saltz’s lead and take the steps needed to reach out to others.

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