“Life’s Daily Treasure” by Richard V. Battle

Life’s Daily Treasure

Richard V. Battle
Outskirts Press (2021)
ISBN 9781977238818
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (11/2021)

Richard V. Battle is an award-winning author and seasoned speaker. He spent over 40 years working in the sales and leadership arena. During that time, Richard was a motivational speaker who shared his faith along with his executive experiences.

“Life’s Daily Treasure” was written to help others understand what success and failure can teach us. In this volume, the author focuses on the hope, optimism, personal growth, and encouragement. Each page consists of six parts and focuses on one of these themes.

Before the reader dives in, the author gives us a daily legend for the layout of his work. He uses inspiration from various books of the Bible and highlights a recognized national celebration for that day. He then tells the reader about an event that happened that day, along with a motivational quote. Finally, he gives us a Battle Bullet that is his personal contribution from his previous works and a small space to record any observations or thoughts.

“Life’s Daily Treasure” is unique from other motivational books because it does not follow what I call a devotional format. There is no Bible verse or motivational quote with a story attached to it. His format makes this work perfect for people who are looking for inspiration but don’t have a lot of time. Each page can be read and meditated on in about five to eight minutes. You could easily use this work while drinking your morning coffee or over a quick lunch.

Because I am a pastor’s wife, I tend to shy away from books that are considered motivational. I usually don’t care for what the world can tell me, rather I want to know what God can tell me. After reading this work, I can say that my thinking is quite judgmental. The author obviously has faith and is good at connecting the dots between what God says and what the world says.

My favorite day was July 25th. On this day, the author quotes a verse from my favorite book of the Bible, Proverbs. His theme for this day is wisdom, and the quotes he used struck a chord with me. While this work is one that I may not run to the shelf to purchase, it has merit. “Life’s Daily Treasure” is a book I am keeping on my shelves and will reference in the future.

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