“Travels and Tribulations” by Tyrel Nelson

Travels and Tribulations

Tyrel Nelson
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 97988578039126
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (11/2021)

“Travels and Tribulations” by Tyrel Nelson is a meditative and spiritual odyssey viewed through the eyes of a young man’s view of life. It’s not just his best experiences, but a review of his most terrible experiences.

The author exposes the readers to how one can come to terms with regret and loss; and ultimately, find inspiration through both. You will certainly be brought to tears as he experiences his parent’s death, his detailed pain, and his quest to put in all in perspective.

In addition, the author is a prolific traveler, journeying to various countries as part of an international program group assisting the poor and needed families across the globe. He helps renovate homes, and teach the English language, and any endeavor to “make the world a better place”.

Many actual photographs of his various charitable outreach visits are selectively shown in the book to help bring the reader “closer” to the events. You’re not just reading about the events but experiencing what he sees and does; like actually being there. And last but not least, he shares with his readers the physical, spiritual, and mental anguish that those who are going through such misery are having to just exist from a basic and humane standpoint.

“Travels and Tribulations” by Tyrel Nelson is a very well-written, insightful book; the sort that one doesn’t come across very often. Even as a senior citizen, this book caused me to pause and ponder my own life experiences! I cried sometimes, but experienced joy and laughter at his humor and inspiration.

The author’s honest thoughts and reasoning comes across as very raw; meaning the truth is fully revealed without any hesitations. I would highly recommend this book to all; but especially to those who are young and just beginning to enter adulthood. It will greatly prepare them not only to expect the beautiful things in life, but to understand it won’t always be beautiful. 5 stars

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