“All My Roads” by Cortny Joy

All My Roads

Cortny Joy
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9781737488316
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021)

Fleeing an abusive past, Stacey James finds herself in a small town that is far away from her former life and the man that terrorized her. Carrying both physical and emotional scars, she seeks a new life vowing never to get close to anyone again. She is relieved to find a job in a family owned restaurant. The owner Ken Holbrook appears to carry a lot of emotional wounds, and they both set up barriers towards getting to know each other. His small circle of close family and friends welcome Stacey. She quickly finds herself getting attached to Ken’s young daughter, and longs to be a part of a family like his. Despite this yearning and her growing admiration and attraction to Ken, the two have a long road to go before they realize that fate has brought them together.

“All My Roads,” quickly captured my full attention. My heart went out to the heroine in the story because I found her so relatable. As she fled an abusive relationship, by driving across the country in an old two-door car, so did I, years ago, in my Pinto. While my situation wasn’t as bad as hers, I found out later that the abuser moved on and horrifically abused other women in a similar manner to the one in this story. I recognize that this is a fictional story, but I know there are women who are actually going through this kind of abuse right now. Hopefully reading this story will give them motivation to take action.

Joy created the perfect hero for this story. The two share an incredible chemistry that started slowly because both were being so careful about protecting their hearts. As they heal, they experience some incredibly poignant moments. Then the sexual tension sets in, and Joy creates some incredibly well written seductive scenes. The supporting characters add richness. Their roles are to nurture the wounded protagonists. The ending of this story makes it clear that there will be more books forthcoming and I look forward to reading them.

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