“The Widow’s Walk” by John Anthony Miller

The Widow’s Walk

John Anthony Miller
Solstice Publishing (2021)
ISBN:  979-8468791981
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2021)

Sometimes the path of life becomes rough and dreary, and other times, the path is just the opposite. So it was with Audrey Taylor, an editor at Random House, who had just gone through a painful divorce that left her shattered and alone. Her loneliness was heightened by her two daughters being away at college and her only sister living far away.

When she inherits a hundred-year-old house from a distant aunt in Cape May, a beach town with beautiful architecture and rich history, Audrey believes that is what she needs as her quiet escape. Things don’t look up for her in the beginning as the house needs renovation and restructuring but when she stumbles upon a treasure map, little does she know the adventure that awaits her which includes some revelations, unfolding mysteries, and a new chance at love.

With “The Widow’s Walk,” John Anthony Miller has succeeded on several levels. Perhaps my most favorite aspect about the book was how he keeps readers on their toes with the gripping suspense that is in every chapter. The characters, too, are diverse and richly drawn, and his prose crisp and sensitive as well. The dialogues in the plot add to the enjoyment of the story as they serve as the pathway for readers to understand the narrative more. The writer uses skillful syntax to perfectly execute his work. The setting of the story is well presented providing a rich background to the plot and its characters. This easily gives readers a sense of place.

I liked how the author juxtaposes Audrey’s journey to solve the mystery surrounding the house she had inherited from her Aunt Ruth, to her process of healing, self-discovery, and new beginnings. The result is an engrossing and mellow read. However, I found “The Widow’s Walk” to be quite slow-paced and detailed in some chapters, and for this reason, I rate the book 4 stars.

 Overall, Anthony Miller has written a heartwarming read. The book avoids the sometimes unnecessary tension and hyped drama making it a great family read. “ The Widow’s Walk” would make for a perfect candidate to cozy up to on a summer afternoon!

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