“The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor

The Brain Drips Yellow

Burn Moor
Book Baby (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-09838-427-2
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/2021)

CEO Bill Butler is miserable. He has to partake in demeaning work activities for the sake of maintaining his employment. His wife despises him and he has difficulty connecting with his daughter. His life takes a strange turn when he encounters an entity while on a family vacation. This man appears to be human, but as time passes, he shows a different side. He does not bring out the best in Bill, but he causes him to look at life from a different perspective. While that might not be good, at least it is different. After other unusual events take place on his family trip, things continue to get more bizarre when he returns home. His mundane world seems off kilter, and Bill finds himself in very strange situations. Readers will have to decide if something evil and demented is really happening outside of Bill’s twisted brain.

“The Brain Drips Yellow,” is an outstanding horror/fantasy novel. The author Burn Moor is an amazing writer. He brings this story to life with his vivid descriptions using a lot of simile and metaphors. His words are so smooth, I felt like he was gliding me down a path from which I could not escape. I had to keep reading! The dark psychological aspects of the storyline blend perfectly with supernatural horror.

The protagonist plays a common character, with whom many readers will be able to relate, especially if they are leading unhappy, depressed lives for which they feel no control. The supporting characters have their own issues, which makes this even more interesting. Whether it is a boss with a strange fetish, or a tarot card reader, or a dwarf, a shaman, or a demon, they all contribute greatly to the demise of the main character’s mental state.

Moor presents fascinating, twisted ideas, that completely captured my attention. While he presents the story in a fictional manner, there were also a lot of statements made that readers will find thought provoking and will lead to introspection. I find this to be a very unique element of this story. And, while I am reading scenes that I find disturbing, and repulsive, I also find that I am asking myself questions about things that the main character is questioning himself about. I loved this aspect of Moor’s writing. I found myself feeling very unnerved long after the tale ended.

Readers who enjoy horror, dark fantasy and twisted psychological novels will absolutely love, “The Brain Drips Yellow,” by Burn Moor

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