“Absolute Truth” by Joab Russo

Absolute Truth

Joab Russo
Joab Russo (2018)
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (12/21)

Okay…science versus religion is something that’s always intrigued me. (And, no, not because I was a fan of “The Big Bang Theory” on TV). I sang in the choir; I went to Sunday School; I understand faith and belief. Of course, there are questions when you set science right beside it. Science has its own theories, facts and, yes, proof. Such as fossils of dinosaurs proving they did wander this earth at one time and that time is way before some Christian books state we all came to be. I also have questions I can’t find answers to, feel negatively about myself, and experience sad or defeated emotions when there’s no need. Although, when I read this book, I have to say the author had my full attention from what he said, to how he said it, to how he explained it to the readers. And his words most definitely helped!

There are certain words in this book that are italicized; as an editor, that usually drives me nuts when they’re not meant to be there. But this author specifically instructs the lucky people who pick up this book that the words in italics are meant to stand out so that you can “hear” the words and remember them long after the read is over. He offers his data in a concise way and makes it easy to understand. In addition, everything is presented literally. He pulls no punches, and if he’s talking about a myth or legend or lore, or a figurative concept, he makes sure you know that ahead of time. Yet, somehow, some way, the book flows from subject to subject and it all ties together so that you walk away with a full heart, a belief of the power you hold as a person, and a complete understanding of consciousness.

This is not a self-help book; it is all about self-growth. When I was “taught” how consciousness is seen by science versus how it’s seen through the spiritual realm, it’s shown that both are limited. Science, of course, can prove how cells operate in the brain, how nerves work, etc. But consciousness is actually not dependent on all that, nor is it dependent on faith; it is power. It is also not given to those who are only “good” and “deserving” because gods said that long ago. Consciousness is all about you, your power, that controls everything from your thoughts to your imagination. Religion is never slammed, nor is science, mind you; this book just helps you explore your role as being your own achiever and making your own success.

Negatives are taken away by his words. Goodness knows that’s needed in this time of constant panic over the pandemic. It also squashes the negative feelings you have for yourself and allows you to see and understand the power and strength you have within. This impeccable and memorable writing strengthens your spiritual, mental and even physical health, because when you doubt yourself or don’t see how powerful you are, you can literally make yourself ill, depressed, or at a point in life where you wish to give up. His subjects also cover a full spectrum of things—from finding love, to achieving success in a career, to simply finding fulfillment in your life, this book is like a roadmap to answer your questions so you can find a way to be happy in all areas. Whether you need a reprogramming or need to find a path to redefine your existence, this is the perfect guide to utilize.

I can still believe scientific facts, and I can still head to Church and believe in my faith. “Absolute Truth,” however, is now my own personal “how-to” manual that’s truly one of the most empowering books I have ever read. “5 Stars!”

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