“Dreamworms: The Advent of Dreamtech: A Post-Apocalytic First Contact” by Isaac Petrov

Dreamworms: The Advent of Dreamtech: A Post-Apocalyptic First Contact Epic

Isaac Petrov
Future Notion Press (2021)
Reviewed by Kristina Turner for Reader Views (12/2021)

“They covered it up, they buried it. History repeating itself, just like the first collapse. Worse. Yes, the professor is telling the truth, she knows, and yet she feels attacked inside – in her identity – by his words.” – Dreamworms

“Dreamworms: The Advent of Dreamtech: A Post-Apocalyptic First Contact Epic” is the first episode in the Dreamworms Trilogy by Isaac Petrov.

Ximena, a history student in the distant future of 2515, is looking forward to attending a lecture by her role model, Dr. Miyagi, a rock-star history professor and producer of documentaries that are completely psychically immersive. But this lecture series, attended in a sort of alternate-reality dreamscape, is not going to go as Ximena planned.

Edda, a young woman in the post-pandemic agrarian society of 2399, is looking for a way to save her father’s life. He’s not sick, but he’s going to die, and everyone knows it. All her plans for changing her world as the new century turns are not going to happen the way she thought they would.

Told in episodic chapters, this story is a frame-tale reminiscent of the movie Inception mixed with a tad of Logan’s Run, and all wrapped up in a college lecture series. Does it sound bizarre? It is, but, wow! It definitely keeps you reading! I could not put it down. Edda’s story is an action movie on the page. One minute she’s sneaking into a dark morgue, and then, a few pages later, something is blowing up or burning down. This dramatic story of a one-girl revolution against her society’s entire belief system is contrasted with Ximena’s calm, studious interest in her world-famous teacher’s history lecture. But slowly, inexorably the whole dynamic between these two intertwining stories begins to shift.

This novel twists reality. It is told in dreams within dreams within dreams. Characters are psychically linked to characters. Beliefs are called into question. Censorship rears its ugly head. And we are asked to consider: What is the truth? Is history fact? Who controls what we are taught? And how do we distinguish truth from falsehood?

I can’t say more without spilling the beans on the story. But I will leave you with one more hint: aliens. In a world where “fake news” has become a buzzword and the “reality” of an event is widely different dependent on the source, Petrov brings us a highly relevant story to consider. I look forward to the next episode.

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