“Who Killed Coriolanus?” by Ron Fritsch

Who Killed Coriolanus?

Ron Fritsch
Asymmetric Worlds (2021)
ISBN: 978-8985072617
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/2021)

“Who Killed Coriolanus?,” is the second book in the Troy to Rome series by award-winning author, Ron Fritsch.

Having grown up in a Greek orphanage after the Trojan War, Timon and his companion Lukas are living a good life in Sparta. Timon’s mysterious past has been revealed, and he now knows his full identity. Life with Lukas is peaceful, until one day when Marco, the son of the Commander of the Royal Army and Navy, shows up at his home. Marco is a handsome young warrior. He arrives with an invitation for Timmon to visit the land of his heritage in Rome and Timmon, Lukas, and Marco sail off together. Timmon wants to let the people know he has no interest in claiming his royal heritage, he just wants to visit. Marco’s father, Coriolanus, has deceived these young men with the real reason he invited them. They quickly have to create a plan that will not only keep them all safe but also prevent a civil war.

As the second book in the series, following, “Helen’s Orphans,” I found that both can be read on their own, though I think readers will enjoy them more if they read them in order. I am glad I did! In this novel, the political intrigue continues, but this time it involves the protagonists as young men. The mystery surrounding their past has been resolved and the current dilemma involves politics on a grand scale. Manipulation, deception, and treachery are all incorporated into this story. The protagonists are kindhearted and seem a bit naïve, despite the hardships that they’ve previously had to overcome. I found this refreshing, because it forced them to have to make decisions that were not easy. I appreciated the complexity of the plot.

I also liked how the book itself was arranged. The character reference in the beginning was helpful in order to refer to quickly while reading. The main characters’ names are also listed in this story to divide off sections, so readers immediately know from whose perspective they are reading. I was happy not to have to guess this part. It helped the material flow smoothly.

Readers will enjoy stepping back into the Troy to Rome series. Once again Ron Fristsch has created an amazing story with compelling, intricate storyline which will be enjoyed by all.

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