“Revelation Through Science” by James G. Martin

Revelation Through Science

James G. Martin
Xlibris (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-6641-3585-7
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (12/2021)

“Revelation Through Science” is an educational exploration of scientific discoveries and their correlation with biblical creation. Many people often think science and faith can’t be mixed because one is based on facts and the other based on stories. James G. Martin is a scientist who believes differently. Through a thorough examination of physics, evolution, the “Big Bang” and many other scientific topics, the author explains to you the many wonders of the universe and how they point to the existence of an Almighty Creator.

It’s refreshing to know that there are scientists out there who actually believe in the existence of God. The author of this book is definitely in that category. His knowledge of scientific equations, theories, and ideas was honestly mind blowing. Not being very scientific myself, I might have been easily intimidated by the author’s brilliance, but he honestly makes a supreme effort to be intelligible to those who do not share his passion for scientific thought.

The parts of the book I enjoyed the most were obviously the ones that were easier for me to relate to. He’s good at writing history and making it interesting, so whenever he was describing historical scientists (such as Galileo) and their personalities and the trials they faced in getting their discoveries across, I was fully invested in the narrative. Where he lost me a bit is in the more technical chapters that involved a lot of equations and explanations of scientific theory. Given my interests have always lain more in theology and liberal arts, I fault myself over the author for not finding these chapters as engaging.

If you love science or have even a mild curiosity about how it relates to the Bible, this book would be ideal for you. Many similar books I have read seemed to be aimed more at reaching atheists from a theological point of view, which is significantly different from this book. I got the impression this book is aimed more at theologians from the scientific view; I base my assumption on the fact that he didn’t go much into biblical teaching, so it seems he assumes his readers will already be aware of it. This technique might even appeal more to atheists, since they’ll be absorbing more of what they enjoy and less of what they don’t. Personally, I enjoyed the author’s little jokes that broke up dense chapters and also the charming illustrations that were provided by his son, James G. Martin Jr. Having illustrations definitely made it easier for me to understand some of the concepts and gave me a break from trying to figure out what he was saying myself!

I really have nothing bad to say about this book. The author has the self-awareness to know some of the topics he covers will be too much for some people, so I liked that he invites readers to skip around if they get too overwhelmed with information. He also provides clues as to which topics will be expanded upon in future chapters, making it easier to go to that chapter if you don’t want to wait. This book thoroughly explains scientific ideas with clarity and understanding. All that’s required of you is to have the patience to truly absorb what information is being shared.

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