“Self Publish and Succeed” by Julie Broad

Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells

Julie Broad
Stick Horse Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-73603150-6
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (01/2022)

I’m an author. Therefore, I completely understand why the term “independent publishing” became such a bad thing in this literary world: because no one believed in it. Some people’s minds are set on the fact that if you do not secure a “traditional publisher,” then your book is simply something to be thrown on top of the trash heap. In addition, when it comes to nonfiction as opposed to the fiction arena, most readers see this as a boring and uncreative route to drive. That if you’re not someone either famous or infamous, then no one cares about the subject you’re trying to gift to other readers.

Well… along came this book and, yes, I went into it with set ideas of my own. I, too, was brought under the veil of darkness that authors were supposed to believe for independents and nonfiction. However, after this book, I have completely changed my mind. Not only has this writer nailed her tag line, but she has explained to the Nth degree how to not create a boring book, and how to succeed without having to follow the perceived rules by the industry. For that alone, I applaud her.

All those out there right now—and there are always more than a million thinking about it—who are attempting to put together a book for the world to see, Ms. Broad used her own intelligence and wit to put this book out to help you see success even though your last name isn’t “King.”

Easy to understand, the author is equally factual and funny. Other authors, like myself, who’ve read this book are touting it as being the perfect choice for them to come across before starting on their own writing adventure. From offering the basic, yet more detailed, data on copyrights, improvement techniques for layouts and covers, and explanations of various literary terms in order to better understand the “inner-speak” of the industry; she also went major steps further. Julie Broad showed that, although this industry is difficult to break into, her words have the ability to teach future authors all the “how to” data they need so they can sit in front of their laptop and start typing.

I’ve read encouraging books during my lifetime, but this one is a must read. You’re offered pertinent marketing techniques and systems to utilize when you self-publish, and you definitely learn how to sell your title even though a traditional publisher isn’t backing up your work. Not only that, but she gives you extra pointers on how to leave the boring behind and make your book experienced, charming, helpful—basically a book readers want to have in their home. Best of all, she teaches the most important thing: Although everyone can write a book, no consumer out there is going to rave about yours unless you leave the worries behind and start creating. And with this author’s help, she can dispel a great many of those worries right off the bat.

To state just a couple examples of what Julie Broad opens the door to:

  •  The need for an editor and having that second set of eyes to clean your story, she even shows you where to find them.
  •  Why most books are boring and how to keep yours from being among that category; and even offers a list of seven places to sell your book and, as the author states, “only one starts with an ‘A!.’”

She also delves easily into why nonfiction doesn’t mean no-fun. Her entrepreneurship and success prove she knows what she’s talking about, and she explains quite well why writing a nonfiction book can end up being the smartest thing to increase your business.

Being a particular author who has seen the “light” through this work, I have to say my biggest hope is for every person out there who wishes to start a book reads this one first. By learning and enjoying this read, you will no doubt expand your horizons! “5-Stars!”

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